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May 22, 2013
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MNG: Cool Guy by BADuckii MNG: Cool Guy by BADuckii
★Name: Jones, Carlos Jr.

★Age: 15

★Height: 5'7

★Weight: 142.lbs

★Year: Freshman

★Level : TBA

+ Pranks/Jokes
+ Big dogs
+ Pushing people into the pool
+ Cartoons
- boo boos //cry
- Creepy touching
- Getting caught pissing in the water. I mean...what.
- The sound of his own voice (GOAT SCREAM)
- Getting confused for prince
- the fact that most of these are really dumb
★Personality: Carlos is a goofy little shit. He likes to make really stupid puns and jokes constantly and will probably never take anything you say seriously unless you beat the information into him with a stick. Although he is goofy and super stubborn he is also very attentive and caring. If you tell him anything and he actually pays attention he'll remember it for a while and fondly look back on it even. No homo. Not to meantion the fact hes super creative. He'll think of ways to make things sound less homo than they really are and it fails all the time but its still funny. Hes a really shitty guy and he'll laugh at you and break your kokoro don't hang out with him even if hes super loyal to his friends and loves the living shit out of people he actually likes.

Carlos grew up with a super loving family made up almost entirely out of older sisters that fucked with him so much it didn't seem very loving. He was a spoiled little kid getting almost everything he asked for and watching nothing but cartoons in a moderately huge freaking house. His dad stayed home and took care of all of the kids and had a super soft spot for Carlos and his sisters while his mother worked 90% of the time. It was all pretty cool for a while, he had a swimming pool where he could pretty much say took up a lot of his time...besides watching cartoons and getting forced into dress up. Until shit went super downhill and he had to start going to school, where he got a rude awakening to the fact people didn't seem to like him expressing so much friendlyness. He was confused by all of this and noticed people who cracked jokes were more liked. He figured he had a shit ton of jokes up his sleeves and enough to last him for fucking ever. He became more of a clown rather than a good student but that didn't change his love for swimming around in his pool until he turned into a walking raisin and rotting his brains with cartoons. After a while of bullshitting his school life his dad noticed that it really wasn't working out too well for him with all that public school crap so he suggested that he should go to //drumroll// A super boys only cool swimming school. He was crazy down with that shit as soon as he heard about it and instantly applied. He was getting real tired of having to crack jokes for people who didn't really take the time to get to know him or hang out with him so he thought it'd be a good idea to go to a school where he knew people would have more in common with him with the whole 'I'm surprised I don't have gills yet I love swimming so much' deal.

★Additional Info:
o You can easily catch him doing silly stuff even when no ones paying attention to him
o Don't touch him without permission because he'll just goat scream and ollie outie.
o Hes really really really dumb and he needs tutoring but hes not gonna do it whatever
o He takes naps wherever the fuck he wants and its a problem
o He may or may not be in denial about some things
o He's white/puerto rican and he originally lived in NY before he came to school here
o what's a twink I don't know what you're talking about shut up.
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